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December 10, 2013

Monday, December  9, 2013

I’ve been home for 3 weeks now and am adjusting back to a non-nomadic lifestyle, although I’ve still put a lot of miles on since my return! I’ve already made 2 trips down to Ohio for some grandma time, and I went up to Marquette for Thanksgiving, where there was a family gathering of 33 people and 6 dogs! On the way back from Marquette we stopped in Petoskey again to visit Taryn (who was on call on Thanksgiving) and Jared, plus I went back up there over this past weekend.

I’ve had time to take care of all routine doctor and dentist appointments, plus I took Tula back to the vet. Another blood test shows there are still elevated Lyme disease levels in her blood, so she is back on antibiotics for another month. An X-ray showed the beginnings of some hip joint problems, which is what I noticed after prolonged exercise. It’s not horrible, but good to know what we’re dealing with, and I have pain pills for her when necessary. She seems to be feeling wonderful, and is back to chasing the barn cats and jumping up on the couch and beds (yes, I allow that!). It was fun watching her re-discover her home territory.

I’ve had time to see a lot of old friends and went to Ballet Chelsea’s Nutcracker production this weekend, where I saw a whole bunch of familiar faces, and dancers who have grown up so much  in a year and a half.

As for the next chapter in my life, I am excited to leave for Florida on December 18, where I will spend the next 3 months working for my brother at the Ocala Jockey Club. I will be the winter “office manager” and there are numerous projects going on down there that will benefit from having someone on-site and available  around the clock (my brother and his family do not live in Florida). I will be helping with all the comings and goings with 14 townhouses in various stages of renovation and rental; organizing Clubhouse events (first appointment is the day after I arrived, and the first wedding is in mid-January); some farm administration, and even a little horse feeding and turnout – there are also barns and 160+ stalls available for rental – something else to keep track of.  And there will be no doubt be a variety of other things going on. An added bonus is my daughter Toni only lives about 20 minutes away, and my dad and his wife will be spending the winter at OJC too. I think I’m officially old because I am not enjoying the cold, wind and snowy roads that are already here in Michigan! 


So this will keep me busy until the end of March, and then the road will take another turn and I’ll see what happens then! 

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  1. Nancy, on one hand I don’t think I could handle your life; on the other hand, I’m SO jealous! 🙂

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