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Eve of the Adventure

August 31, 2012

Tis the eve of the big adventure and I’m sure I’ll be too excited to sleep much…but that’s also because of the joy and happiness of the birth of grandchild #2 – Breckin Thomas Klofta!!! He made his grand entrance into the world this morning; one day before his Grandma’s birthday and everyone is doing well.

The van is nearly packed; cupboards and fridge are cleaned out; phone service and TV are off; appliances are unplugged; but I’ll still have some last minute cleaning tomorrow morning. Instead of heading to Pennsylvania as planned, I’ll be making an immediate detour to Ohio  for a couple days for some Grandma time, then Expedition 56 will get underway.

This blog isn’t going to be anything fancy ( I’mlucky to have even gotten this far with it!) and I still have to figure out photos, but that will come soon!

EXPEDITION 56 here I come!!!

The next post will explain the adventure…




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  1. Rhonda Kendzicky permalink

    HAPPY 56th BIRTHDAY!!! I hope your journey is filled with wonder and excitement….Love, Rhonda

  2. So glad you are writing this blog … can’t wait to hear how the adventure unfolds. Enjoy your grandma time … then get going!!!

  3. Linda Compson permalink

    When will you be in Tennessee?? Hope we can get together!

  4. lindacompson permalink

    Hope to see you when you come to Tennessee!

    • Hi Linda – I’m pretty sure Tennessee will be next spring – sometime in April or May. I don’t have everything mapped out – staying kind of flexible except for the territories. I’ll definitely let you know though and would love to meet up!

  5. Jeanne Boynton permalink

    Hi Nancy…I love your blog, I just discovered it today after Joni told me about it. I just got back to Charleston yesterday…I had been working in Atlanta…but it was important to vote. When are you coming to Charleston & South Carolina? Jeanne Boynton

    • Hi Jeanne! I’ll be in South Carolina sometime next April or May. And I would love to meet up with you – maybe we could walk across that cool bridge between Charleston and Mt. Pleasant! I don’t have an exact itinerary, but I know it’ll be in the spring. Thanks for your nice comments about the blog – it helps me keep things fresh in my mind. On another note, it was so sad to hear about Carl – he just seems to young to have passed away. We’ve gotta treasure each day. Nancy

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