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Ring of Fire

September 3, 2012

It’s been a wonderfully busy weekend of grandma time-playing with a very active 20-month-old, and lots of snuggle time with the newborn baby. We capped off the weekend by going over to Indian Lake to see the Ring of Fire, which symbolizes the end of summer. Everyone lights red flares on their docks and beaches right after sundown, and it’s really pretty to sit out on the dock and enjoy the lights and some fireworks and some flying lanterns.

After 3 nights here in Ohio, it’s time to shove off and begin Expedition 56 tomorrow! So, Pennsylvania here I come!   Ready or not!!!  The journey begins at long last:)

(I’m posting entries on an iPad which I can use all over the place, but I haven’t had wireless service for days, so pictures will simply have to be added later…and that will be trial and error for me too!!)



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