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Gettysburg Battlefield

September 7, 2012

I’ m sitting here in a dark, quiet campground near Gettysburg, and I think everyone turned in by 8:30 when it was dark! There’s barely any lights on in any of the tents and RVs, and I will be happy for an early night too. I’m glad no one was here to watch me set up “camp”. With some strategic rearranging (which I presume I’ll become more efficient at!)I have my inflatable mattress in the van with sheets and a pillow, and a beautiful 56-square quilt that my friend Sherry made (all you YDT people know what beautiful work she does!) I’ll be cozy.

Today I started in Chartersburg, where I ended up last night. So we started with a 3 mile walk around town and along part of the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail, which we happened to cross. Then I researched donations in Gettysburg and came across a humane society – The Adams County SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) – I had to ask! I went to WalMart and got nearly 70# of dog food, 20# cat food, canned food for both, and some treats. I went to the facility which was a pretty drive thru rolling hills on very narrow streets. It was a nice place and their phones were busy. They happened to sell engraved dog tags, and I had been wanting to get one for Tula with her name and my cell # in case we somehow become separated, and was happy to get that checked off my list. We then ventured out to the Gettysburg National Battlefield, and there is a 25 mile auto route throughout all the battlefields with lots of statues, monuments, cannons, and history. Most of it is on one-way roads which are designed to allow cars to pull over anywhere so people can get out and walk. And that’s what Tula and I did! Got 5 miles in and absorbed some history. Tula hasn’t quite done the full 8 miles each way – usually she does around 6. I’m trying to give her a break here and there to ease into it, but I’m not sure she needs it!

Dinner was at the campground – peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a Roma tomato and carrots. I’m eating pretty simply, but well enough. Since I’d been to Walmart, lunch was yogurt, string cheese, a banana and grapes. And I had bacon and eggs compliments of the motel for breakfast. I’ve been snacking on trail mix and pretzels. I’ll eat a normal meal at restaurants now and then, but not on a daily basis. Although subway is quick and easy – a “salad” along with the sandwich…when the dog doesn’t eat it!

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    Keep writing, keep writing, keep writing

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