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The Alleghenies

September 17, 2012

Today I headed south into the Allegheny Mountains. There’s a little more color to the trees here – reds and yellows starting on the outermost leaves. My first stop was in Saranac Lake – a fun town to walk around, and a little quiet on a Sunday morning. The lake in town was Lake Flower (with a ‘Lake Flour Cakerie’ selling cupcakes across the street!). I didn’t actually see either the Upper or Lower Saranac Lakes. We walked about 2 1/2 miles around part of the lake and all through town, and then up to the local train station. I could hear the whistle of a train off in the distance, so we stuck around to watch it pull into the station – I’m not sure why I’m so fascinated with trains! It was the Adirondack and St Lawrence Railway train, bringing people up from Lake Placid on a day trip. I watched the engine be disconnected and chug along to the other end of the train to be re-hooked up to make the return trip. A couple of young guys took care of switching the rails to accomplish this. We were able to be pretty close to the train the whole time, but I’m not sure Tula thinks too much of the Iron Horse!

Then I was off to Lake Placid, which was one of my favorite towns to walk around in. I got there about 1:00 and there were tons of people out and about on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The town has both a northwoods and alpine feel to it, and shops were busy. I walked through the whole main part of town, and then out by all the resort areas by the lake. They have pretty brick sidewalks that continue on well past the main part of town, and there were lots of people out walking. I think it’s a very outdoorsy, activity-oriented town with some of the Olympic training venues still in use, and signs along the highways reminding motorists to share the roads with the athletes in training. One of the motels I drove by even has a canoe or kayak as part of the amenities! So I got a couple more miles of walking in. Then I wanted to see some of the Olympic training sites, so I drove out to the ski jump area, and I simply can’t imagine any sane person wanting to leap off such a steep, long ramp! They’re pretty intimidating. Then I drove a little farther on to the Olympic Sports Complex where they have training facilities for bobsled, luge, skeleton, Nordic combined shooting and cross country skiing, and although I didn’t actually go into the complex today (I have some morning plans!) I got a couple more miles of walking in on the roads inside the grounds.

Since I wanted to go back there in the morning, I decided to stay in Lake Placid, and I found a

little alpine motel, and once again, there was no charge for the dog. I’ve only had to pay extra for her a few times. I had another mile and a half to finish off, so we just went back to the lake area and walked a little more – there were still quite a few people out, although town was quiet compared to all the earlier bustle.

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  1. Leif Nygaard permalink

    hey, its gotta be kind of late east coast time on the 18th, I’m not seeing daily update yet? I look so forward to reading your updates, adventures, and givings each day!

  2. Patience, patience – haha!! When I’m in the sticks, I can’t update anything, and then I fall behind a little. But I’m caught up now! And I’m glad you’re enjoying it 🙂 I certainly am! I figured I better start putting dates on the posts since I do fall behind once in a while.

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