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Lake Champlain

September 19, 2012

Vermont – Mon. Sept. 17

I decided to enter Vermont at its northwest corner, on a bridge over Lake Champlain. I then started the pretty drive down through all the islands in the center of the lake, and found a spot to park so we could get out and do some walking – did the first 2.8 miles of Vermont walking right alongside the lake on a lane with pretty houses on one side, and water on the other. My legs were happy for a flat walk after the steep one of the morning. And Tula was happy to get out – she didn’t have much of a walk in the morning. Last night in the mountains of Lake Placid was chilly (37 degrees), but here at a lower elevation, it was in the mid-70s. So I decided to take advantage of the nice temperatures and Grand Isle State Park was still open for camping, so I chose a good campsite (none of them were right on the water) and we camped out again. No one was in the office – they just had a note saying choose the spot you want, and settle up in the morning. So I got set up, and then we went for another 1.8 mile walk to explore the campsite. Cheese, crackers, yogurt and a green pepper was the simple dinner. A very pretty and peaceful start to my visit in Vermont! I didn’t make a donation today because nothing came up in my short hours here so far – so will do one next Monday before I leave.

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