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September 27, 2012

Connecticut – Monday, Sept. 24

I didn’t think I’d actually get into Connecticut with any time to do anything, but the drive through Massachusetts went faster than I expected – only about 50 miles! These states are small out here! So it was 6:40, and there was still enough light to be able to head out for my first Connecticut walk in Canaan, which was the first town I came to. It was a pleasant town with nice surrounding neighborhoods, and lights started coming on, and we actually hoofed along pretty fast and covered 3.2 miles. I was glad to get that much in. It was dark when we got back, and I made a quick preliminary check of state parks that have camping, and was somewhat dismayed to see that dogs are not allowed in any of them. Boooo! So I just made a few phone calls and got a reasonable pet-friendly motel room outside of Hartford, so I had to drive a little bit, but that’s never a problem!

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