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Back to Cape Henlopen

November 3, 2012

Delaware – Thursday, October 25

I love being able to get up and take a long walk first thing in the morning. We set out for the 4.6 Mile Loblolly Pine trail throughout the state park and around Trap Pond (although I didn’t see much of the pond til the end). I also took a 2 mile detour to a cypress tree area. And we walked an extra mile around the nature center area and the equestrian area. I didn’t see anyone out with horses, although the park is well set up to accommodate riders. From there I headed in a kind if circular way to Geargetown, and had to stop for a while to take care of a few matters back home, and details like paying car insurance and getting the proof of insurance faxed to me etc. Some of those things take a little longer to do while out on the road! I also called the Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary where I’ll be making a donation today, and they said they would be grateful for anything I could bring. So I shopped and got dry and canned dog food and cat food. It was a pretty drive to the shelter, and it’s another place that does not use cages for their animals – they put them in compatible groups in different rooms and outdoor runs, and it seems to be a very dedicated bunch of animal lovers who work at animal shelters. Even though they were not officially open today, there were still people there cleaning and looking after animals – they need that attention every single day.

After stopping at the animal sanctuary, I headed back to the east side of the state, got a bite to eat, and returned to Cape Henlopen State Park to camp for the 4th night in a row. So far Maine has been the only other state I was able to camp for 4 nights. Since I was more familiar with the park now, I picked a campsite on the side closest to the ocean, and could hear the waves right from the campsite. It sounded so pretty that I thought I’d try to find the dune trail over to the ocean to see it at night even though it was pretty dark. But I forgot I’d also have to walk through the fort area with those old buildings and those big mounted guns, and everything was so shadowy and a little spooky that I chickened out! I decided to try to get up to see the sunrise in the morning instead!

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