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Hello, Missouri!

November 5, 2012

Friday, November 2

I spent 4 wonderful days with Tara and Josh and the grandkids in Ohio – very busy days, but special grandma time 🙂 There was a lot of snow and slush on Tuesday morning – they were on the outer edges of all the snow that West Virginia got. And Wednesday was still cold and misty. But by Friday afternoon, the weather had cleared up, and I had been looking at maps, and now had a new itinerary. Hurricane Sandy has changed my journey, but it might be even better this way! I have a plan…

I left Ohio in the middle of the afternoon, and drove across Indiana and Illinois, and drove into Missouri a little after 10pm. I had never expected to be in Missouri today instead of Massachusetts, where I was supposed to be!

While I was driving, I listened to the benefit concert on the radio for Hurricane Sandy victims. It would have been fun to see it on TV, but I enjoyed it on the radio. I had already decided my first donation this week would be to the Red Cross, and listening to the benefit concert reinforced my choice. It might not have been a Missouri donation, but it was still definitely a good cause.

I’m really happy to be resuming my journey, and look forward to my Missouri adventures!

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  1. Mary Marszalek permalink

    If you’re still in MO, see if you can make it to Marshall (just off I-70 hafway between between KC and Columbia). The Jim the Wonder Dog memorial park and museum is a must-see!

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