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Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield

November 12, 2012

Missouri – Friday, November 9

The claims adjuster arrived right on time first thing in the morning, and he took some time to assess damage and write up a quote for the repair work. It’s kind of shocking what all needs to be fixed from a relatively little bump. He scratched more than I realized, and the passenger door is misaligned a bit which accounts for some of the new wind noise I’m hearing. When all is said and done, the passenger door needs to be completely replaced; the back sliding door and front quarter panel need repainting, and some trim needs to be replaced. Ugh. The only thing that bothers me at the moment is the extra wind noise (and a bit of a draft), but I’ll live with it for now – its not a repair that can be done in a day. They gave me a check to cover expenses once I do have time for repairs. So at least paperwork is taken care of. It’s an inconvenience, but, it could have been so much worse.

Then, I was ready to head over to Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield for my last long walk in Missouri. This was the site of a Civil War battle, and I tend to forget the Civil War had an impact out west too – I associate it more with the eastern states. There was a 5 mile road around the park – one way traffic with a lane for cars (only saw a few) and a lane for pedestrians (I seemed to be the only pedestrian!) Horses were also allowed in this park – I saw some horse trailers but didn’t see anyone out riding. The park was very similar to the Gettysburg National Battlefield that I walked around back in Pennsylvania – rolling hills and open countryside. I’m guessing all the hills provided good cover for advancing and retreating soldiers. It was nearly 80 degrees out with little shade – it’s the first time I’ve been uncomfortably warm for a long time! Hard to believe it’s November! It was a good walk though.

I headed west on historic route 66, which took me through several small towns, and I stopped in Carthage to walk my last mile in Missouri. I’m still surprised by some of the ornate courthouses that I see in some of these towns. I continued along Route 66 into Joplin, and didn’t see any tornado damage from a year or so ago, but I didn’t drive through many neighborhoods. Then, it was time to say goodbye to Missouri – all 7 donations had been given, and all 56 miles had been walked. And I know a whole lot more about Missouri than I did a week ago!

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