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Broken Arrow to Tulsa

November 14, 2012

Oklahoma – Sunday, November 11

The expected rains came during the night, but it wasn’t as stormy as they had forecast. The rain continued all morning – heavy at times – and I was in no hurry to leave. At checkout time, I decided to head west a bit…hoping that the rain would begin to let up. And it finally did. I ended up driving to the town of Broken Arrow – just because I liked the name of it! Tula and I got out and walked a mile and a half through town and an adjoining neighborhood – there weren’t many people around, but that was probably because it was Sunday afternoon. Broken Arrow wasn’t actually named for broken arrows; it got the name because of the plentiful reeds that used to grow along the riverbank, which the Native Americans would break off to make their arrows. This town celebrated its centennial in 2002, which meant it was founded in 1902 – it’s so different to see this after having spent so much time in New England where some of the towns are nearly 300 years old!

Next I went to Jenks – where many of the old turn-of-the-century buildings have been turned into antique malls, making Jenks the “antique capital of Oklahoma.” There were lots of people out and about in this town, and I enjoyed my walk around it, but it wasn’t real big, and we only got another mile and a half in, and I still had miles to go. As I was driving across a bridge on my way out of town, I saw some guys riding their bikes across an older bridge that was parallel to the one I was on (which turned out to be a pedestrian bridge), and then I saw a paved path at the other end, and realized there was a nice river trail to do some walking on. So we got in another 3 miles of walking before dark, but because I had such a late start due to the rain, I had to finish up my last 2 miles of walking in a big shopping mall south of Tulsa! I hadn’t been in a shopping mall since I was in northern Maine on a similar rainy day, and this mall was a huge 2-story one – I only had to walk around the bottom story once, and the top story twice to get my 2 miles in.

I didn’t make a donation today, so will be doubling up later in the week. With a late start on a very rainy Sunday on a holiday weekend when so many places were closed, I had trouble finding something that would work out today, but I know I’ll be able to easily get caught up during the week!

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  1. I am a volunteer with A New Leash on Life and caught wind of your expedition through their Facebook page. I am a free-lance writer and would love chat with you about your adventure. My phone number is 405/919-8367 or you can email me at Thanks in advance and happy trails!

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