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Fireworks in Mississippi

December 5, 2012

Mississippi – Saturday, December 1

I crossed the Mississippi River into Mississippi, and was immediately confronted by riverside casinos. I’m not sure why they’re just on this side, and not the Arkansas side also. The sun was going down, and I hoped to at least get my first mile of Mississippi walking in, so I headed to downtown Greenville, hoping that Christmas lights were on, and that people were still out and about. And indeed they were. In fact, there seemed to be a lot of people, and then I noticed some police cars, and began to wonder what was going on. I was down by another area of the river, and pulled over to turn around, and suddenly a big fireworks show began, and I was in a good spot! It was a long fireworks show, and I asked some passersby what the occasion was, and they told me it was the December 1 kick-off for the Christmas season, and that there’d been a big parade earlier in the day. I enjoyed the fireworks, then walked through town a bit. I decided to stay in Greenville for the night, so I could sort of figure out which direction I would head off to in the morning. So…Hellooo Mississippi!!!





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  1. Darrel Doehr permalink

    It’s a sign! ha ha. Enjoy your travels. -Darrel

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