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Aloha Hawaii!

February 8, 2013

Hawaii – Monday, January 28

I had pretty much packed up last night, because I had to head back to the Hilo airport this morning for the short hop back to Honolulu to catch my long flight to Guam. I turned in my car, and it was a pretty flight over the water back to the island of Oahu. There I had a 4 hour layover until leaving for Guam. I had hoped to try to get my computer issues straightened out with a good wi-fi connection at the airport, but on these islands I can never seem to get a good wi-fi connection simultaneously with a good phone connection, and once again, plans were foiled (thanks for trying, Mike!) I’m happy I’m able to get any kind of wireless service so far away, so I’m not going to complain – it should be a relatively easy fix once I’m back in the states, and then I can add photos to these posts.

My visit to Hawaii was split in 2 since I missed that first Samoa plane 2 weeks ago, but in the end I was able to spend time both on Oahu and the big island of Hawaii, and I did all my walking, and finished all 7 donations – the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, the Ka Liko O Kapalai cultural dance group, Feeding Hawaii Together, The Food Basket, Rainbow Friends, Volcano Art Center, and Ola’a First Hawaiian Church. I had a lot to reflect back on as I boarded the huge plane for Guam on Monday afternoon!

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