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February 18, 2013

For anyone who’s interested in a few pictures to go along with the posts from territories, I have now been able to add some photos to the posts dated January 15 – January 26, which includes the first leg of Hawaii, all of American Samoa and another day in Hawaii. I should be able to get rest of photos added on in next day or 2, then get caught up with posts.

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  1. I don’t see the Hawaii/Samoa pictures posted yet Nancy but waiting excitedly. Glad you were able to press on with your adventure.

  2. I take that back I see them now, I had to dig back in the January archive a bit further back. Thanks!

    • Glad you found them – I was worried for a minute…I still have to upload photos for the 10 or so most recent blogs, but I’m getting caught up… But yes, you do have to go back a little ways. It’s hard to choose which images to add – I have too many!

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