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TASK and Princeton

March 29, 2013

New Jersey – Monday, March 25

It was indeed a mess outside, with a very wet snow falling. The snow was sticking on the grass, but not on the pavement since the temps were just above freezing. I decided I would just stay put for the morning and take care of some of the little things that have been piling up. I had had the foresight to book my room in another centrally located spot near Trenton for a couple nights so I was in no hurry to get out. I enjoyed a rare quiet morning.

But I was ready to head out a little after noon, even if I wouldn’t get all my walking done. Today’s donation was going to go to TASK – Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, which was only about 15 minutes away. They’re more than a soup kitchen though. They have a couple satellite locations, and in addition to providing a lunch and dinner every day, they also pack brown bag meals to send out, provide hygiene products, school supplies in the fall, and tutoring services. Because it was a messy day for grocery shopping, and I wasn’t near any stores, I opted to just give them a financial donation which they could put toward anything they were in need of. The website had really good directions, and I found them as the lunch hour was winding down. I went to the back doors as instructed, and they let me in to wait while finding the director. It’s a big building with lots of shelving space, and I could see and hear volunteers working in what appeared to be a big, industrial sized kitchen – it smelled like they’d had a good lunch! When I met the director, she told me that with lunch and dinner and their satellite programs, they feed about 1000 people a day. Multiply that by a year, and that’s an impressive number of meals to prepare!

Then I was ready to get Tula out for a walk despite the rain/snow/slush. I was going to head to Princeton, which was just a straight shot up the road, and along the way I crossed the D & R Canal (Delaware and Raritan Canal) and its tow path, which I knew was around somewhere. So I pulled off into the small parking lot, and set out for a walk. It was kind of a muddy mess though with all the precipitation, and we only did about 3 miles. Tula was a mess – she doesn’t go around puddles; she trots right through them! It was a good thing I had towels back in the van, so I did the best I could, but we were both kind of sloppy. I drove into the town of Princeton and found a place to park, and that was one of those wonderful places to set out for a long walk – with its fun downtown area, and great neighborhoods, (one looked like an old English neighborhood with half-timber homes), and of course the college campus, there was lots to see and enjoy. We walked for a couple hours in a misty sort of snow and covered 5 miles all over the place. Sometimes when I’m walking on college campuses, people sort of focus on Tula with a wistful expression, and I imagine they’re missing their dogs back home, and then I sometimes overhear them starting to talk about the dogs in their family. So despite the weather, I did all my walking, and headed back to the motel in the heavy rush hour traffic, which took a while. Once there, it felt good to get dry and heat up some soup in the microwave! My camera’s been giving me problems for the last week or so – I’m pretty sure there’s some grains of sand that are affecting the zoom lens, and now it’s totally stuck. I messed around with that for quite a while then I dug out my nice underwater camera that my mom gave me years ago, and got that all ready to go – it takes really nice pictures on land too, so I have a back-up plan while I figure out what to do with the other one. I don’t think Tula budged for the rest of the evening, and Dancing with the Stars was on (yes, I’m a fan!), so it was a cozy way to end a chilly wet day! Tomorrow’s forecast is warmer with some sun.












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  1. Joni Crummett permalink

    Hi Nancy,

    I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying your posts regarding the places you’ve visited and the folks you’ve helped with donations along the way. Wow, a trip of a life time and more adventures to follow! I’m saving your posts with hopes of visiting some of the places you’ve mentioned and visited. I feel I have my own personal Fodor’s guide for the United States and territories with what you’ve written. I love nothing more than walking, exploring new places, beautiful architecture and food. I look forward to your updates. Love your photos also!

    John and I have kept our explorations local as of late. The LA Times is publishing information about local areas of interest and different hikes so we’re trying to do something like that each week. Our treks are usually about 2.5 to 3 miles but we’re working our way around Los Angeles County and have been pleasantly surprised with local findings. It doesn’t quite compare with what the East Coast has to offer but it’s fun and provides a bit of exercise so we’re happy.

    Happy Easter!

    Love, Joni

    Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2013 13:50:52 +0000 To:

  2. Jeanne permalink

    Hi Nancy,

    It is your cousin ,Jeanne. I have been working in Florida for over 20 days and I am heading back to Charleston for 4 days and then on to Atlanta and Chatanooga to work for 2 10 day road shows. I hope our paths cross in the near future. I know you are enjoying youe “trip of a lifetime.”

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