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Soup Opera

April 21, 2013

West Virginia – Monday, April 15

I put the finishing touches on my state tax return, and was almost done with the federal return. I wanted to head out to make copies of everything, and to take care of my donation for today. I had discovered there was a soup kitchen in Fairmont called Soup Opera, and they provide lunch 7 days a week to anyone who needs it. I had called before stopping by to see if they would like me to bring in food or drop off a check. They preferred a check so they can shop for things they need. I stopped by during a relatively quiet moment before the meal actually started, and dropped off my donation and talked with the volunteers for a while. There was a line of people waiting for a meal – they average a little over 100 people a day, which works out to about 36,000 meals a year. Impressive. Soup opera also has a clothing and household items room that’s open every other day, and patrons can take a shower during those times.

After my visit to Soup Opera, Tula and I walked a couple miles on a bike path on the other side of town. Fairmont is a hilly city and the river divides it in two. It was actually 2 separate cities until the bridge was built and then they incorporated it into one city. From there I headed back to the motel and finalized my federal tax return. I also talked with a local vet clinic about Tula’s eyes and made an appointment to take her in.

I found the post office and mailed in the tax returns – a couple hours before the 5:00 deadline – yay!! Then we went to the vet and waited a while to get in. The vet said Tula’s eyes look good despite the goop – there’s no outwardly signs of any infection or anything. She’s thinking it is indeed allergy related. So she gave me some eye drops for her, and suggested I get some Zyrtec allergy meds for her to try for 7-10 days. If she continues to show some signs of low energy after trying some allergy meds, I might need to check for Lyme disease. She actually had a mild case of Lyme disease last spring (despite being in flea and tick meds) and it could pop up again.

Wen we were done at the vet, I headed north out of town for another visit to Pricketts Fort State Park. On the way, my mom called me to tell me about the Boston Marathon explosions, and not much was known right then. It’s so sad that people do these sorts of things – Boston’s such a nice town and I had just been walking all around it 2 weeks ago. And I thought of my brother who went to school out there and has run the Boston Marathon several times in years gone by. It’s senseless.

Once I was back in the state park, Tula and I headed out for the rail trail and got a good 4 miles in. We walked through a train tunnel that was nearly 1/4 mile long – it looked like a train would barely fit through, but it’s not like they needed a lot of additional clearance! After that, I let Tula stay in the car and I went out along the river again to finish up my miles for the day. I just heated up some soup for dinner and watched Dancing with the Stars and a lot of the news, and tried to catch up with some other stuff. It’s a relief to have the taxes done!






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