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Indian Lake and Ducks Unlimited

June 1, 2013

Ohio – Saturday, May 25

Tara had to be in at work early, but I stayed around a bit through the morning to give Josh a hand with the kiddos. Then it was time to head out for some walking. Tula and I started with a 2 mile walk in a local park, then headed over to a bike trail around part of Indian Lake, which is a huge lake with islands and everything. The trail was right by the water and was a fun one to walk on. Even though it wasn’t a hot day, there were lots of people out boating, skiing, tubing and jet-skiing. Lots of geese liked parts of the lake too, and most of them had babies following them around, and I was hissed at by numerous geese as I walked past them. I was glad Tula was in the car for that particular stretch of the walk – she would have wanted to chase them, and she doesn’t need any encounters with angry geese! I walked 2 1/2 miles along the trail and then back again. Then I got Tula out for the last mile to finish off 8 miles.

My donation for today went to Ducks Unlimited – I actually made that donation back in March when I visited, and we all went to the Ducks Unlimited banquet. A lot of my extended family members are outdoor people and hunters, and Josh is in charge of the local DU banquet next year, and I’m happy to support the organization.

Tara was home from work by the time I got back there, and I had more time with the grandkids. Josh barbecued some chicken for dinner and we all enjoyed a pleasant evening. Then I got Tula out for another couple miles of walking along the farm lane by their house – the sun had gone down, but it was still light enough to walk and it’s such a wonderful, peaceful place.





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