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Red Cross

June 10, 2013

Indiana – Monday June 3

The Red Cross had called me again a couple days ago about scheduling a time for another blood donation, and that can be tricky, with me constantly on the move and not every blood donor site is always open. But we had found a place in Goshen, which was near the Amish part of Indiana, and I had made an 11:00 appointment for this morning, thinking I’d be in that neck of the woods. But I actually ended up more than 2 hours away, and wondered about re-scheduling, and they said I could come in about 1/2 hour later. So we started the day off with a drive, eventually passing places with foreign names like Mexico, Peru, Chili, and Warsaw. I made a quick stop in Wabash by the river to walk Tula, and then found the Red Cross. So my donation-of-the-day was another pint of blood – which will help 3 more people somewhere down the road. They had to check all the territories to make sure none of them were restricted places as far as blood donations (usually because of a malaria threat), but all the US territories were fine. So I did my good deed, and instead of just cookies and crackers to eat afterward, this place had fresh pizza and Dunkin Donuts! So I had a little lunch while I was there. Since I had done some extra walking during the past week, I only needed to do 4 miles today, which was a good thing since I was supposed to kind of take it easy for the rest of the day. Tula and I walked on a bike trail for a little less than 2 miles, then headed to Middlebury to finish off my Indiana walking. I was driving by lots of Amish farms, and horses and buggies were out and about. I stopped and did a little shopping for the weekend, and debated about eating at an Amish restaurant, but wasn’t quite ready for a big meal. It was time for driving instead!

Indiana was State #35 in my journey, and I finished all 56 miles of walking, and made all 7 donations – the Free Store food pantry in Rising Sun, Big Brother Big Sister, USO in Camp Atterbury, Ronald McDonald House, Dove Harbor Shelter, Wabash and Erie Canal Interpretive Center, and a blood donation at Red Cross. Then I pointed the van in the direction of State #36!















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  1. M. McLean permalink

    I was wondering when you might be in Rhode Island or if you’ve already been here (I’ve just become aware of your blog). I work for the Providence Journal and we might want to do a story about your project.

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