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Food for Thought

June 12, 2013

Wisconsin – Wednesday, June 5

I got in to Fond du Lac late last night, so I didn’t mind a late start this morning, plus I was waiting for my mom to finish an eye doctor appointment so she could join me for the day. We met up at a grocery store to shop for the Food for Thought program which is part of the Fondy Food Pantry; and their motto is “Fighting Hunger, Feeding Hope.” They’ve been helping people for 40 years. Food for Thought is a children’s nutrition program where 475 local students from 4 schools discreetly receive a weekly bag of healthy food and snacks to help provide better nutrition during the weekends. We shopped for peanut butter crackers, microwave popcorn, fruit snacks, pudding cups, granola bars, applesauce and raisins. Then we drove over to St. Paul’s Cathedral, which was where the food pantry was located. We went inside and met Linda, who is on the Board of Directors, and she showed us where to carry in our food. Linda was a wonderful lady who took an hour to show us all around, and she told us about the many different programs that are offered. In addition to the Food for Thought children’s program, they also have a large food pantry, and a weekly meal in the church which is open to anyone who is hungry. They also sell handmade cards to benefit the programs, and have a very unusual “Mouse Factory” program, where the ladies of the church sew intricate costumes for stuffed mice, and they sell a lot of these mice all over the country, and all the proceeds go to the Fondy Food Pantry programs. There are many volunteers to keep the programs running, and they even have children coming in to help other children, so that they can start learning at a young age what it’s like to help out. School groups, junior football players and special ed kids all come in at various times to help sort and pack food, and she says they all enjoy it! Even while we were there, a volunteer was in the process of loading food in her car for deliveries, and she had so many she had to make 2 trips. My mom and I both really enjoyed hearing about everything, and appreciated the time Linda took with us.

When we finished our tour, we walked for a mile and a half up and down a couple of the old historic streets in Fond du Lac, admiring some of the big old houses. Then we took a break for a bite to eat before heading outside of town to the Wild Goose Trail so I could get some more miles in. My mom walked a couple miles, but I had to go a little farther to get my miles in, so Tula and I walked 3 1/2 miles there – Tula seems to be responding well enough to her meds. It started sprinkling before we got back, but we were sheltered a bit by the trees so we didn’t get too wet.

Then we started driving to Waupaca, but we stopped in Oshkosh at a big park by Lake Winnebago so I could finish my other 3 miles of walking. The path went by the lake for a while, then circled around by soccer fields and a little zoo. It still sprinkled off and on, and the wind was pretty gusty by the lake. There were several sailboats out near the shore in the stiff breezes, and it sort of looked like they were in a class or something. Once my walking was done, my mom treated me to a late, yummy perch dinner. We looked at some photos on my computer and called it a day.











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