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A Graduation Party and a Baby Shower

June 14, 2013

Family Break in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula – Saturday and Sunday, June 8-9

This was a fun Zyburt Family weekend – nephew Cole graduated from high school last week, and his graduation party was on Saturday, and there was a baby shower for niece Erin on Sunday morning. There were about 25 family members around for the weekend, along with about 11 dogs – we’re definitely a dog family! Although I think the most dogs that were together in one place were 8. Toni and Taryn both made it up north for the weekend, so it was fun to see them again too. On Saturday morning, some of us went to Little Presque – a beautiful part of the Lake Superior shore – to let the dogs run and swim and tire themselves out before the graduation party. It was fun to catch up with family and see a few old friends at the party, and then we all enjoyed a fire in the evening.

Erin’s shower was on Sunday morning, and that went well. It’s always fun to see all the baby stuff – especially the things that didn’t exist when my kids were babies! We enjoyed the afternoon at niece Katie’s house with a fenced-in yard so the dogs could all play, and they all got along well – and the young ones could tire each other out. We were all treated to an unusual sight of a rainbow completely circling the sun. Obviously we couldn’t look at it directly for long, and I just sort of had to guess as far as aiming the camera, but I got most of it. Later we had a hotdog and hamburger dinner, then it was time to head back to Tomahawk, and it was pretty late when we got back – luckily with no deer incidents because there were a lot of them out by the roads.

I’ve been very lucky to see so many family members while on my journey – that’s what keeps my batteries charged!














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