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July 25, 2013

Montana – Saturday, July 13

Sometimes my destination for the day is subject to where I can stay for a reasonable price, and although I haven’t run into too many limitations even though I’m in the peak of summer travel season, today was one of those days. Most campgrounds and motels in the direction I wanted to go were either entirely booked up, or ridiculously expensive for tonight since it was a weekend night. I had used a free night last night (I have nearly 2 weeks of free nights stashed up at various motels to use as a result of earning points) and didn’t want to use another free one somewhere else tonight. The front desk people offered me a good deal to stay a second night here in Helena (for some reason they gave me the “trucker” rate when I was waffling back and forth!) so I decided to stay in Helena a second night, and hoped to get back early enough to start getting caught up on my blog.

So Tula and I headed out for some walking, and we got the first mile and a quarter done in a local neighborhood. Then I headed over to the state capital area, which are usually fun places to walk, and covered almost 3 more miles. It was getting to be a pretty warm day in the 90s and I began to be happy I wasn’t going to be camping! I found a big park in town and Tula and I walked another mile and a quarter, but there was no shade and that was enough for Tula for the time being. I headed over to the historic Main Street and walked a mile and a half. Several blocks of shops were “pedestrian mall” areas which were blocked off to vehicle traffic, and there were lots of fun little shops to walk past, but a surprising lack of people for a sunny Saturday afternoon – the ice cream shop was the only one that seemed to be attracting anyone!

From there I headed to a long pretty avenue full of some historic old churches, homes and mansions, including the original governor’s mansion. That was a shady way to finish off my walking for the day.

I know what I’m doing for a donation tomorrow, and will have to double up in the next couple of days. Nothing really popped up today as far as a good donation opportunity, and I didn’t run across any possibilities on my walks all over the place. So I’ll take that to mean I’ll run across some good ones in the next couple of days!

I was gone all afternoon doing my walking in different parts of town, and I simply picked up a salad to take back, and enjoyed a relatively quiet evening working on my blog, financial records and writing some postcards. It’s nice to have a little catch-up time now and then!









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  1. You stopped in Redwood NY on August 15th of last year and donated food to the Redwood Food Pantry. I have enjoyed your travels. The pictures have been wonderful and Tula looks great. Just wanted to know you are not forgotten in Redwood, NY.Safe travels. Jan

  2. Thank you for the comment 🙂 I remember the donation and my walk down by the lake afterward. Despite the many miles and donations, things are crystal clear in my memory. I sort of wish I was back in New York near the beginning of my journey – I’ll be sad when it’s all over!

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