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A Rainy Day

September 5, 2013

Oregon – Sunday, August 25

I stayed in Albany last night, and woke up to a foggy, soggy day. I was really glad I had stopped by the fair last night instead of waiting for today. My plans had been to work my way over to the coast, but with a wet forecast, I decided to stay put – especially since I had doubled up on donations for a couple days. I was ahead of the game, so I didn’t make a donation today.

Tula and I ventured out when there was a break in the rain, and started off with a walk in a local park that had paths around a pond, and that connected to another trail, and that trail led to more trails around a water garden natural preserve. The water looked kind of thick and green, but it was actually just a light green layer of some kind of little aquatic plant, and there were lots of ducks and geese swimming around in it. We covered nearly 3 miles on those paths. As I was driving into the town of Albany, I passed a shopping area, and I needed to find something to wear to my niece’s wedding – I didn’t want to take the time to shop, but figured a rainy day was a good time to do so. Then I drove downtown and parked. Tula and I got out to walk along the river trail, and then I covered a couple more miles walking up and down the streets in town. My Triple A book said Albany is known for a big variety of architectural styles, and although there were interesting buildings to walk past, I certainly don’t know one style from another! There was nothing obvious to me about the different styles. It started raining again, but I didn’t get too wet.

I stopped for a bite to eat, and then Tula and I walked our last mile and an half in a light sprinkle. It was good to have a dry place waiting, and I did some more work on the blog. These posts usually take quite a bit of time to write, because I kind of re-live the day as I’m writing and going through photos, and I think that helps all the details sink into my memory. I’m lucky this isn’t becoming a big blur – details easily pop back into my brain!









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