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Family Wedding

September 29, 2013

Thursday. September 19 – Sunday, September 22

I had to take Tula over to the Desert Dog daycare place by 9am, so they could keep her for a couple hours before my plane left to make sure there weren’t going to be any problems, and she seemed to settle in okay. This was a place where the dogs go through an “interview” observation to make sure there’s no aggressive behavior or anything, and then the dogs are together all day, and have their own kennels at night. Tula didn’t want to leave me, but once they got her back in the room with the other dogs, they told me she did just fine. Then later I got to the airport and had an uneventful flight to Seattle, via Phoenix which didn’t make sense geographically, but that’s what it was. The best part of the flight was a beautiful view of Mt. Rainier at sunset as we were flying in. My brother and niece got in right after I did, so I caught a ride to my sister’s house with him.

On Friday I met my new little great-nephew Blake Hunter, who was only 9 days old, and enjoyed seeing the various family members as they arrived. Some of us went out for pedicures, and then we went to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Saturday was the wedding day for niece Kim, and new husband Adam. They were a radiant wedding couple, and most everything went real well. The only disappointment was my dad was unexpectedly hospitalized for 3 days shortly before leaving for Seattle, and was unable to attend after looking forward to the event all summer. But at least he was out of the hospital and doing well, and Kim called him shortly before walking down the aisle to include her grandpa in the day. Both the ceremony and reception were at Salish Lodge, overlooking the Snoqualmie Falls, and although the wedding was moved under cover to a nice tent instead of being outside (because of potential bad weather), they were able to keep the flaps up and the beautiful view was still there.

On Sunday, Christy, Rick and I put together a big brunch for more than 20 family members. I had gone shopping yesterday morning (courtesy of my dad!) for a whole bunch of fruit and other stuff, and Rick made several pans of egg bake dishes and I sliced up a big variety of fruit and we set out a bunch of pastries and coffee cakes and all. So we all kind of lingered over that, and some of the kids headed back to college. By mid-afternoon, I had to start packing up, and I had a non-stop evening flight back to Salt Lake City after a wonderful wedding weekend.







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  1. How nice that you were able to attend your niece’s wedding – I marvel at your travels and how you happen to be in the right part of the country for various family gatherings.

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