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Maine to New Hampshire

October 11, 2012

Maine – Monday, Oct. 8

I had a lot of driving to do today since I was still pretty far north in Maine. The benefit of camping 4 nights in Maine allowed me to have extra gas money to roam all over the state! I didnt do a donation today, because of the double donation last Tuesday – all 7 Maine donations are done. And I still had a bit of walking to do – 6.8 miles left from last Monday, and about a mile and a half left from one of the rainy days.

So, my first place to walk today was in Presque Isle – since I had stayed 2 nights in this neck if the woods, I figured I better walk around and see the town a bit! First I stopped at a laundromat to get some clothes washing while we walked. I went back to get them in the dryer and we walked some more. We covered 3.3 miles, and after a quick stop at a gas station to put air in all my tires (a buzzer had come on indicating tire pressure was about 5 pounds low in each tire. It was the coldest night of the trip so far, but I don’t know if that would cause low tire pressure.) I put air in, and everything has been fine since, and I headed south with everything clean. It was a pretty drive through the mountains with long ups and downs through peaks and valleys – and pretty colors. I pulled off for a good view of Mt. Katahdin – less cloudy that it was a few days ago. We stopped in the town of Patten and walked another 2.2 miles. Eventually I picked up I-95 and stayed on that until I was a little west of Bangor. Then I had to make a decision about which way to go. My preference was to enter New Hampshire toward the north end of the state. But that’s the Great North Woods part of the state, and I didn’t want to do too much driving in the dark when I got into New Hampshire. So I called ahead and was able to make a reservation in Gorham, only about 8 miles from the state line. Knowing I had a place to stay in New Hampshire gave me the freedom to take my time on a 2-lane road across western Maine. I stopped in the town of Skowhegan to fill up with gas and finish my walking before it got dark. I came into Maine with only about 1/3 tank of gas, and despite all the miles driven, I was able to leave Maine with a full tank of gas! I still had a little money leftover in my weekly budget, so I figured it was time to get more dog food and treats, and some staples for me. After I bought what I needed, I still had a little money left, and I put that into the United Way container at the checkout.

I still had some miles to go in Maine, but a little after 9pm we crossed into State #6 – New Hampshire! Maine was a success – 7 donations given; 56 miles walked; and 1098 miles driven.

Once in New Hampshire, I only drove the 8 miles to Gorham and got checked in. This was my latest arrival into a state and needless to say, I didn’t get any walking done! It’s pretty cold here in the mountains – in the upper 30s and I was happy to have a warm room waiting. The motel has been around for a while – I’m guessing since the 60s or so, but it had been well maintained, and it happily reminded me of traveling in my youth. And 2 trains passed during the night – I like the whistles and the clatter of the tracks.

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