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March 1, 2013

Florida – Friday, February 15 – Monday, February 18

It took me a few days to take care of everything and get re-adjusted to the proper time zone. I started by sleeping past noon and still feeling tired, but got better every day. My neighbor had sent down a lot of mail with all my tax stuff, so I started getting that organized, and got most of my replacement credit cards, and dealt with a couple fraud reports. I also got help with my laptop (thanks, Mike!), so that’s working again. It took a while to get the replacement phone straightened out, but in the end, that all worked out really well. Plus there was a recall notice for the van, so I made an appointment at the dealership, and that’s ready to roll again. And I enjoyed some time with Toni, and also visited with Pat, my brother’s neighbor, who is a horse trainer and it was fun to see her horses, and one of my brother’s, during evening rounds. It would have been fun to watch a morning workout, but I could scarcely get myself up at a respectable hour, let alone in time for the early hours of a workout!

Bit by bit I took care of everything, and now I’m in good shape for the next leg of the journey, and can’t wait to get back on the road again!

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