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March 1, 2013

In the Air – Day 3 – Thursday, February 14

I noticed last night that TSA had inspected my duffel because they left their flyer inside, and the zipper on one side of my duffel seemed to be coming off the track. But it still zipped all the way up from the other end. Gunnar drove me back to the airport bright and early, and I began the first of 3 legs to get back to Gainesville. There aren’t many direct connections from San Diego to Florida to begin with, and flying into Gainesville usually adds another stop, but is way better than a couple hours in the car from Orlando on the other end, plus all the tolls and gas. So I flew from San Diego to Dallas; had a layover; Dallas to Tampa with another layover, and finally Tampa to Gainesville. I lost another 3 hours time-wise, but I’m sure I didn’t know if I was coming or going at that point! My duffel bag was a bit of a mess. It had been inspected again – there was a second TSA card in there, and apparently they were not gentle with the zipper, and it popped open. My bag arrived heavily taped on both ends with a luggage strap around it. Toni picked me up, and it was great to see her, and then be reunited with a very happy, enthusiastic Tula! It was late, but I caught up a bit with Toni, and picked up all the mail that had arrived. My brother let me stay in his condo at OJC since no one was currently in it, and it’s only about 20 minutes from Toni’s apartment. My days and nights are mixed up with a 15 hour time change, and I have some re-organizing to do, so it’ll be nice to have the extra space for a few days while I get re-adjusted.

After 21 take-offs and 21 landings in a month, I’m happy to be back on the ground! I know I’ll never have a crazy flight schedule like that again!

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