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Family Weekend

March 24, 2013

Ohio – Friday, March 15 – Monday, March 18

It was a good weekend for a family break, so I drove from Maryland to Ohio on Friday for a long weekend at Tara and Josh’s house. I couldn’t wait to see the grandkids again!! It had been 3 months. The 2-yr-old is chattering up a storm, and the 6-month-old was a lot bigger and is a happy little guy! So I enjoyed some good grandma time, and they kept me busy! And Taryn and Jared drove down from northern Michigan with their puppy Croix, who I hadn’t seen yet. And in-laws Gretchen and Graham came down, and it was really nice to see and get caught up with family. We all went to a Ducks Unlimited banquet on Saturday, and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast on Sunday. And I babysat all day Monday before starting to pack up to return to Maryland. I’m glad I was able to be in Ohio when other family members were down too 🙂

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