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Back in Maryland

March 25, 2013

Maryland – Tuesday, March 19

I enjoyed a little more grandma time this morning, then hit the road through eastern Ohio, the mountains of West Virginia and back into Maryland. It was about a 7 hour drive, and I’m glad I had walked some extra miles earlier in the Maryland week! I only needed to walk 3 1/2 miles today and I had just about enough daylight to get that finished. I was in the panhandle area of Maryland and stopped in Cumberland, in the mountains. This was near the eastern continental divide. Cumberland was at one end of another canal system, and also was the start of the National Road – the first “interstate” road. It existed before Highway 12, which I thought was one of the oldest highways. The National Road was started in 1811 with Thomas Jefferson taking a risk to provide federal funds – a 600+ mile super road made of stone and dirt, and traveled by covered wagons and stagecoaches – it opened the way through the eastern mountains from Maryland into the great Ohio Valley land, and provided an easier passage for countless people who used to have to rely on waterways. Today the National Historic Road travels through original towns and villages, passing by old inns, tollhouses, taverns, diners and motels. I’m so glad I learned about this before visiting Ohio and Illinois! Anyway, I was going to do my walking in one of the historic neighborhoods, but I couldn’t find it, so I drove through the downtown area and came upon part of a canal walk, and a bike trail that was next to some train tracks. So I did my 3 1/2 miles of walking. I’m so glad it’s staying light a little later every day!

Since it was too late to make a donation today, I have 2 lined up for tomorrow. After Tula and I did our walking, we drove a little bit farther to the outskirts of Hagerstown for the night.



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